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Habit Compass for Notion

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A flexible and powerful habit tracker template for Notion. It helps you to keep track of your habits, supports your habit-forming process, and links your actions to your visions

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Habit Tracker

Track up to 10 Habits at once

Link Habits to life visions and goals

Track your weekly, monthly, and yearly performance

Customizable to your needs

Pause Habits without loosing data


A Flexible Habit Tracker Template
$ 8
  • Template
  • Onboarding Call

Template + Onboarding

A Flexible Habit Tracker Template
$ 42
  • Template
  • Onboarding Call

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Amazing habit tracker, straight forward, easy to use, lots of options! Thank you so much 🙂
Amanda Diaz
Thank you. Innovative approach but easy to use and much needed. Thank you for this template!
Jeffrey Owen

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From the end of 2020 till the middle of 2021 I had been tracking 15 daily habits with Notion.

This habit tracking process helped me a lot in becoming more productive and establishing a more healthy lifestyle. However, after some months I became stressed and had been close to burnout.

The problem: With my old habit tracking system it was difficult to stop tracking one habit without messing up with formulas and relations.

The system worked well, as long as I wasn’t changing anything.

However, when you are tracking habits, you are actually changing things all the time.

On average, you will need 66 days to form a new habit. As soon as you have formed the habit, you actually don’t need to track it anymore, because it will be part of your identity and you will almost do it automatically.

Just think about brushing your teeth in the morning? Do you need to track it to do it? I hope you don’t!

Therefore, I realized that the ideal habit tracker should allow you to add and remove habits all the time, without a lot of friction. Such a tracker didn’t exist for Notion. Therefore, I created it for myself last summer.

View a full video tour on my YouTube channel here:

  • Just click on Duplicate in the upper right corner of the Notion Screen.
  • The template will be automatically transferred to your Notion Workspace.

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Philipp STelzel

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