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You want to use Notion for your Business, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I’ll help you out!

I will teach you how to use Notion efficiently: Show you the magic of databases, rollups, and relations and build tailored solutions for your individual challenges.

Notion Coaching

I will take your Notion dashboard to the next level: According to my experience, there are 3 phases for Notion users: In the first phase, you are totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities and don’t know what to do. In the 2nd you start to build around in Notion like a kid and create cool but overcomplicated setups. However, in the 3rd you just simplify your dashboards. Because simple is beautiful: We need to build systems, that you be followes even on our worst days.


Notion Templates

Notion Templates are predesigned solution for common tasks, like habit tracking, to-do-lists, or client-management, that you can use for your personal workspace.

Thanks to templates you don’t need to design an unique solution for all of your  workflows.

In the last year, I have created more than 10 templates for Notion alone. Scroll through my template library and find the right solution for your challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Do you have a very specific problem you want to solve with Notion? Let me help you by creating a tailored template for your needs.

First, we will discuss what you are going to need exactly. In the next step, I will create a tailored template for you. Of course, a revision is included.

My name is Philipp Stelzel

More productive thanks to Notion

For me, Notion was love at first sight. No other tool was able to boost my productivity like Notion. With my work as a Notion consultant and Notion template creator, I am helping freelancers and small businesses to boost their productivity with Notion as well.

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