Daily Gratitude & Affirmation Notion Journal


This template will help you to:

  • ✅ get more clarity about the things you really wish to achieve in life
  • ✅ better align your daily actions with your visions and dreams
  • ✅ manifest wealth and happiness into your life
  • ✅ become a more positive person

This template comes with:

  • ✅ 31 Daily Journal Prompts for Manifesting
  • ✅ 5 Journals with Tons of Journaling Ideas
  • ✅ Daily Inspirational Affirmation Widget
  • ✅Vision Board



For whom did I create this template?

For People who

  • want to channel energy towards reaching their goals
  • wish to live the life of their dreams
  • love to take action consistently

Who shouldn’t buy this template?

  • people who don’t believe in the power of affirmations
  • people who don’t want to take action
  • people who don’t have goals in your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this template working with the free Notion subscription?


Can I share this template with my team/class/organization?

This version is for individual use only. If you use it within a company, you can use it with one Notion workspace.

Will I receive updates on this template?

Yes, I continually update the template. Once you purchase you will receive all future versions via e-mail.

What happens if I don’t like this template.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Do you have more questions? Use Twitter to get into contact with me: @depakes

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