HABIT COMPASS (Track your Habits with Notion)


The HABIT COMPASS is a flexible and powerful habit tracker template for Notion. It helps you to keep track of your habits, supports your habit-forming process, and links your actions to your visions.



A flexible and powerful habit tracker template for Notion. It helps you to keep track of your habits, supports your habit-forming process, and links your actions to your visions.

Best features of this habit tracker:

  • You can track up to 10 habits every day
  • You can link your habits to your life visions and goals
  • You have a huge flexibility
  • You can track your weekly, monthly, and yearly performance
  • Visualization of your habit-forming progress
  • Also working for habits you are not doing daily (e.g. jogging, cold calling, going to the gym)
  • The tracker warns you when you are failing your habit goal
  • Customizable to your needs

Why should you track your habits?

According to James Clear, a habit is a memory of the steps you previously followed to solve a problem in the past.

So the more often you solve a particular problem, the less energy and willpower you will need to solve it. Because when a routine is formed into a habit, your body and mind will be able to execute it almost automatically.

Habits reduce cognitive load and free up mental capacity

But to make a meaningful difference, habits need to persist long enough to break through the process of habit-forming.

When you are forming habits, you are actually programming your body to do certain things.

You can view habit-forming as a kind of mind hacking!

The better you get at habit-forming, the better you will be at reaching your goals, visions, and dreams.

Neve forget: Be good to your future self because you are your future self! Every action you take today is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. And success is the product of daily habits— not once- in- a- lifetime transformations

So how is tracking your habits helping you?

Habit tracking helps to visualize the process of habit-forming. It adds some kind of gamification to the process. It makes it more clear, what you are actually trying to achieve in your life. Because many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity.

This clarity can be provided by a habit tracker.

Why did I create this tool?

From the end of 2020 till the middle of 2021 I had been tracking 15 daily habits with Notion.

This habit tracking process helped me a lot in becoming more productive and establishing a more healthy lifestyle. However, after some months I became stressed and had been close to burnout.

The problem? With my old habit tracking system it was difficult to stop tracking one habit without messing up with formulas and relations.

The system worked well, as long as I wasn’t changing anything.

However, when you are tracking habits, you are actually changing things all the time.

On average, you will need 66 days to form a new habit. As soon as you have formed the habit, you actually don’t need to track it anymore, because it will be part of your identity and you will almost do it automatically.

Just think about brushing your teeth in the morning? Do you need to track it to do it? I hope you don’t!

Therefore. the ideal habit tracker should allow you to add and remove habits all the time, without a lot of friction. Still, you want to be able to track the data as well as possible.

Because reviewing your routines and tracking data is really important, if you want to see if you are actually doing the right things to get closer to your visions.

I couldn’t find a habit tracker template for Notion that could combine both: Flexibility with the ability to track the data in the future.

Therefore I decided to create the right tracker for your needs.

What will this tool do for you?

It will help you to track and visualize your habit tracking process while giving you a lot of freedom in the process.

How to use this tool?

See my instructional video: