Finance Compass – Portfolio Template & Trading Journal for Notion


What are the benefits of using the template?

This template will help you to:

  • ✅ maintain a better overview of your financial assets and wealt
  • ✅ rebalance your portfolio to the desired asset distribution
  • ✅ track your trading performance with a trading journal
  • ✅ see your historic trading performance within a customizable time frame (Year, Month, Week, Day)

For whom did I create this template?

  • ✅ For people invested in different asset classes

  • ✅ For people who are actively managing their investments

  • ✅ For day traders


The Finance Compass is Investment  Portfolio Template and Trading Journal for Notion.

Manage Your Financial Portfolio Inside Of Your Notion Dashboard + Trading Journal.

For Stocks, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin & Co), and Metals (Gold, Silver)