Movie List Template for Notion


MOVIE List Template for Notion, Select Movies to Watch, Favorite Movies Library, Aesthetic Movie Tracker, Cinema Watchlist


I present this aesthetic Notion Movie List Template for fellow Cinema Aficionados!

Hi, my name is Philipp. I am an entrepreneur based in Vienna, Austria.

🎥 I love movies, but I always have a hard time deciding which movie to watch. Therefore I decided to create this movie library: You can use it to collect movie suggestions and maintain overview of all the movies you have watched in the past.

What is included?

This template includes the following features:

– Find Top movies

– Watch Next List

– Movie Calendar ( Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar)

–  Rate Movies you Have Watched

– Select Movies by Actor or Director

– Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar

– Save the Best Movies you Have Watched

Enjoy my template! Philipp


PS: Any feature is missing? Tell me, I am always improving on this template!